Many people don’t believe that they can meet true love on the Internet, believing that such meetings do not end with anything good. And this is due to repeated cases of fraud, a general lack of trust in the Internet and dating services, and so on.

Psychologists also disagree, believing that to create a strong family is not enough just communication and correspondence. It is important that people communicate more often in reality in order to establish visual and tactile contacts. Some even adhere to the theory of smell: each person finds his own pair by smell. Of course, this version sounds wild, but it has a place to be in life.

Other psychologists are confident that a strong family can be created when both partners are comfortable. That is, in our time, it is more familiar and more convenient for people to communicate by correspondence than live. They will not be awkward, it is easier to find a conversation topic. Most importantly, they will be in a comfortable environment for themselves, in which it will be much easier for them to open up.

The live communication of many constrains, confuses, so every year people increasingly prefer communication on the Internet. No faces are visible, no emotions are visible - this is much easier.

In this way, men and women dream of creating a strong family. For such people, platforms for dating are created specifically, or more simply, Russian dating services. Now there are an enormous number of them, but only the best and highest quality are very popular among single women people.

It is interesting that psychotherapists almost unanimously note - dating sites and virtual communication can be useful to a person, because it allows you to open your inner world. It is no secret that many people are very, very modest and shy, and therefore, when they come into contact with them, they are too tightly clamped, unable to show their best qualities and, as a result, the first meeting becomes the last. If you preliminarily communicate a little through the Internet, you can get to know each other better and then real contact will not be so difficult, difficult, you can avoid stress. But this is almost the only plus.

Getting to know the virtual world is easy. It is more difficult to develop communication, find common ground, keep an interlocutor, that is, make it clear that you have a lot in common, and you can become good friends or even, possibly, a couple.

The simplest dating tool for virtual communication is the telephone. With it, you can exchange SMS within the framework of SMS chats provided by any mobile operator.

Guided by high feelings, girls and women often look on the Internet for people with whom they can live happily in marriage and raise children. Such dating can be made on serious dating sites. Dating is just for virtual communication, they often find on women's forums. Each of them has its own regulars, which, in fact, set the tone for communication on the site. It is always interesting with them, there are always common topics for conversation.

But back to serious dating sites like Teamo. Our main advantage over other similar Internet resources is that we not only allow people to choose, we also drastically narrow our search, providing profiles for you only those people that are compatible with you. Thus, with us you are guaranteed to find a person with similar interests. And in dating for virtual communication is the most important thing.

What do you need to do? It is enough to indicate your gender and the sex of the partner, your name, email address and password, and then pass a psychological test. And that’s it - the account is created. The system will immediately find you a few people who are most compatible with you, and will also periodically replenish this list. You can also fill out a questionnaire, this obviously will not be superfluous. Although you can immediately not reveal all your cards - do as you know. Basically, that’s all you need to do. Registration on the site is voluntary and absolutely free.

Next, let's talk about the cons. And there are several of them:

  • these resources become addictive after several weeks of visits and three to four dates;
  • modest and shy people are becoming increasingly enclosed in themselves and are already virtually incapable of expressing themselves even while maintaining a normal conversation when meeting in real life;
  • many of the men are simply looking for an interlocutor who wants to dump their problems (complain about his wife, etc.), but who do not want to meet at all, that is, there is no use in such communication;
  • a meeting with scammers is possible - sophisticated and merciless, trusted by single women (by the way, there are also enough of these mail order brides).

Of course, not everything is so sad. For example, my good friends now met precisely thanks to the Internet, but there are only a few such unions. The vast majority of site visitors can be divided into three groups:

  • jumping from a date to a date;
  • actively corresponded, but so closed in their cocoon that even the thought of a real meeting terrifies them;
  • after a few weeks deleting or simply abandoning your account on the site.

Of course, we will not dissuade you from using dating sites. If you are confident in yourself, do not hesitate to come to a meeting with a stranger, then why not. Most importantly, do not overdo dating.

We won’t talk about morality and norms of behavior on the first, second, third, and so on dates. The only thing we focus on is that if you still succumb to the entreaties of the gentleman or give him a reason to succumb to your spell and end the first night in bed, you can not count on a second date. Most likely, the man has already received from you everything he wanted. Although, perhaps you also wanted exactly this…


It is considered the most popular dating service among users, it has many positive reviews, as well as excellent statistics. Many who registered on this site soon found a suitable pair for themselves.

The site presents a catalog of beautiful mail order brides who dream of their faithful betrothed. You can find a bride for every taste. The service is aimed at successful and wealthy men who are not looking for entertainment for several nights, but are really looking for a future wife.

To avoid unjustified expectations and cases of fraud, absolutely all users go through careful selection. Those who were able to go through the so-called casting, can already look for a girl and start communication with her.

Do not assume that if the catalog already has many single and seeking mail order brides, then the site will stop there. Regular replenishment of the base is provided. You may have to spend more time searching, but is it really so important when you are on the path to true happiness?

The site has many useful features that help people get close. For example, standard online chat, video calling, giving gifts and so on. Men and women will be able to fully reveal themselves to each other, see through a monitor screen, hear a voice. If desired, a man can send a gift to his lover.

If you encounter any difficulties, you can always contact the support team to help sort out this or that issue.

If you look at the reviews, you can see among them mostly positive with five stars. Feedback from happy people is the best indicator for a dating site. JuliaDates was able to establish itself in the list of leading and high-quality dating platforms.


Next on the list is a site with a very interesting name - Edarling. If you go to the site page, he will offer registration, as well as passing the compatibility test and selecting a partner at the end of this test. The platform even has a code of ethics so that communication between people is intelligent and very pleasant.

Edarling has a feature like Step by Step. It helps to establish communication between people.

The dating service has a catalog of single people, moreover, not only from girls. Men are also represented here. A nice interface, good politics, an excellent selection of partners at the end of the test - this is what many people like this platform so much.

Many people leave feedback on how the test helped them, how they were able to find the partner they had been looking for in real life for so long. People are not shy about talking about their newfound happiness thanks to Edarling.

The platform also offers to connect auto payment (by the way, the site does not take that much money for a huge selection of men and women). If you are a forgetful person, then auto payment will help you out. So you can fully enjoy the capabilities of this dating site. If auto payment is no longer useful to you, then you can safely disable it by following the special instructions.

Quick registration, passing the test, selecting candidates - in a matter of days you can find someone with whom you will at least enjoy talking.


Millions of registered users who are looking for their happiness on this dating platform. And many successfully cope with this, because it is not in vain that this resource has just countless positive reviews.

But it’s more correct to call this platform a social network after all, which allows you to get acquainted there with a fairly young, even young generation.

The site is good in that it collects people not only from Russia, but from all over the world, so there is a chance to meet a foreigner. This social network has a main feature: you can find your lover literally next to us. The closer, the better, because it will be much easier to meet.

BADOO even has a kind of statistics. According to them, about three hundred million messages are sent to each other daily, and the number of users and the number of messages continue to grow.

This is a really great indicator that not every dating service can boast of.

After registration, it is proposed to answer a few questions, after which you will be provided with suitable partners. There is also a feature called photo verification, which allows you to clean the site from fakes.

Users share the fact that the time on the site flies instantly.


This site can even be called unique in its path, because people there get to know exactly by profession and, accordingly, communicate on topics that are very close to them. If on other dating sites people still choose to choose from photographs, then here you can forget about it, because they choose by profession.

There are many advantages to this, because it is not always possible to say something about a person from a photograph. Looking at the appearance, a person can make a mistake, because common themes and interests are not always found. And the work brings together: you can pronounce, complain about a hard day, ask for advice or help.

This is an innovation, such a dating format is rarely seen. You can create a creative family, you can intelligent, or you can just work. All professions are good, and all families with the same or similar professions will be strong and indicative.

The site is positioning itself anti-fake because they write about the fact that they have fake profiles and photos. In addition, they provide an excellent opportunity for new registered users: to use a premium account for two months. So you can, as they say, try this dating service: get familiar with the interface, try to find a hot woman, figure it out, decide if this is your dating format.

Also, the developers guarantee that they do not have perverts, scammers and scams. All users are carefully selected so as not to spoil anyone staying on the service.

Many write how they simply tried to find a person with the same profession to ask for help, and this often ended with dates, and then cohabitation. Questionnaires for the lucky ones were closed, but nevertheless new ones appeared - for those who had just begun their journey to happiness.

These are the most popular and most appropriate dating sites that provide a huge selection from the catalog, comfortable communication, and also a great pastime.

Many are sure that finding your happiness is not so simple: you need to go through suffering, you need to spend a lot of time, you need to do something cardinal. No. Many people who were able to find a spouse simply registered on dating sites: sometimes for curiosity, sometimes just to look and try, sometimes to find someone close to their profession, as in the latter case. And ... in many cases, all this turned into unearthly love and strong relationships.

Unfortunately, people are suspicious of dating sites because of their reputation. There are scammers, it’s hard to find someone there, there are perverts alone. But modern services are trying to exclude all this, doing everything so that people are looking for a serious relationship, and not money and sex.

Of course, you can listen to the advice of psychologists who advise one thing or another, you can listen to the reviews or personal experiences of your friends. But, remember, first of all, you must listen to yourself, to your heart. You will not lose anything if you register on a dating site and spend time searching and communicating.

Who knows, perhaps it is there that you will find a life partner for many years. Many platforms are aimed at the fact that people created the cells of society, drowned not in solitude, but in happiness, shared with them people and changed their minds about dating sites.

The competition is great, and each site tries to do something new, to bring benefits, because competitors are not asleep. Therefore, services have risen to a new level, and many have already been able to appreciate the efforts of developers.

Our recommendations on how to diversify life and increase the chances of finding your own happiness:

  • Attend social events and social events. Do not close at home to watch TV shows and eat buns. Even if your girlfriend is busy, then this is not a reason to refuse to go to the theater or cinema. Of course, it will not be so interesting, but also much more fun than a lonely evening at home. Not to mention the fact that the chances of meeting an attractive young man increase significantly.
  • Find a hobby that will score you two or three evenings a week. This will save you from despondency and allow you to lead a more diverse life, which will also affect your confidence.
  • Just carefully look around - maybe there is a man next to you who has been looking at you with interest for a long time, but whose attention signs you unwittingly rejected. After all, there were cases when a good friend suddenly suddenly becomes not just a friend. And everyone is happy. After all, when we get used to people, we perceive them as they are. And we love them for what they are …

Instead of an epilogue

Obviously, there are situations when searching for a life partner on a dating site is a conscious choice of a person who uses modern opportunities to solve life problems. In this case, when resolving the situation, a person leaves dating sites and returns to real interaction. However, often life develops in such a way that a person “freezes” in a fictional space, moving away from ordinary, lively communication. It is precisely about such cases that we would like to speculate here, referring to such psychological concepts as “mental asylum” and “projection”. Dating sites, as well as any virtual space, give us the opportunity to "adjust" ourselves in such a way that the interlocutor has a better impression of us.

Indeed, most of the information about our personality can be recognized by people from non-verbal communication: facial expressions, gestures, manner of speaking, folding words into sentences, dressing and presenting oneself. Words here play a certain auxiliary role. Written communication deprives a person of the entire spectrum of non-verbal interaction, leaving only the emasculated, devoid of emotional coloring in the foreground text. On the one hand, it impoverishes a person’s life, on the other hand, it allows you to freely and easily place your parts in other (impersonal, virtual space-invented) people. We mean here the psychoanalytic term “projection” - a type of psychological defense based on attributing to someone or something our own thoughts, feelings, traits, etc. In reality, each of us has the whole spectrum of human feelings and qualities, as positive, and those to whom society and civilization are credited with the status of “unacceptable.”

The only difference is how people deal with such a gamut of experiences and properties inside. Someone directs their anger, aggression, envy for the benefit of career growth, including in a metaphorical struggle; and someone becomes a criminal, expressing their anger directly through aggressive behavior, that is, a real fight. In this sense, the virtual world of dating sites provides a tempting opportunity to further manage your inner world - to “scatter” all of your parts among different people and communicate with them as if they were real people, not aspects of their own psyche.

In the usual interaction, this is much more difficult to do - real people are rarely so suitable for placing their own parts. When they try to project, they persistently resist and present themselves as more or less integral individuals. A virtual object in this sense is clean, being an ideal “screen” for projection. For example, as a character who recently appeared on social networks - Gianluca Vacca (a wealthy middle-aged Italian, who openly demonstrates his wealth and sexuality). It is clear that the desire for wealth, sexual emancipation is present in every person, however, someone criticizes these qualities as immoral, depraved and sees in Mr. Vakkinapyshennoy “old man”, evil and showing off; and someone more openly dreams of realizing such a dream, and then the Italian millionaire becomes an idol, a role model and so on. It is clear that all such reasoning is absolutely speculative, because Gianlucca’s personality is a secret, his life is inaccessible and incomprehensible to the “audience”.

Thus, “freezing” on dating sites is a refuge in the sense that a person in a safe space can deal with all its parts, acquiring an ephemeral and short-term integrity. Paradoxically, this process of communication on dating sites resembles one of the stages of psychotherapeutic work. A therapist who respects the frame of work and leaves his own life behind the scenes is also an ideal object for projections. However, in the process of psychotherapy, a person really acquires integrity due to the fact that all his projections come together and are assigned to himself. Thus, a person learns to deal with his drives, feelings in an adequate way, allowing them to be used to achieve a sense of harmony in live communication, rather than hiding in anxiety from life's realities and dangers.

A contradictory narrative came out. Then let the moral be this: if you go on dates on the Internet, then look at the newcomer as a person who could become your friend. The probability of a second date is increasing. And there life will show…