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People who want to get rich through deception are not new at all. It has always been, only in different forms. With the advent of the World Wide Web, liars began to go there. Now this is their space. What to do if you stumble upon scammers, and how to calculate them among peaceful users?

How to recognize a cheater in a crowd.

Usually on the page you can roughly say whether it is real. We ask you to immediately report suspicious people in order to prevent fraudsters from deceiving unsuspecting, and perhaps even in love, visitors. As a rule, such people either have too many or few photos. Most of them are selfies, as they are easiest to photoshop.

If your interlocutor asks about money and translates the conversation on financial topics, then it is possible that he is a scammer.

What if the meeting took place?

Let's see what you should not do.

Do not:

1. Block a scammer.
Then he will remain on the site, and will look for another victim. In addition, now he will become more thoughtful, and still be able to take revenge on you through a new page.

2. Tell him what a villain he is.
This is also a disastrous path. Then they will block you. The fraudster will understand that he was calculated, and will become less noticeable. The likelihood of someone getting hurt increases dramatically.

It is necessary:

1. Tell us.
We will personally check the page and delete it from the bride agency if necessary. The fraudster will be neutralized.

Our platform is interested in user safety. We strive to deal with scammers ourselves, but this is not always possible. Let's work in a community, and then no deceiver will pass by. Nothing will interfere with your long-awaited meeting with your soulmate. Together we make our site safe!